Parking Permits & License Plate Recognition How Do They Work Together

U Cards, PTS Parking Cards, and LPR function interchangeably. A small grace period is provided to all non-permitted vehicles upon arrival to allow individuals time to purchase a virtual permit from a nearby pay station. VIT provides the professional and state of the art license plate ognition solution. With this integration, license plate data from VIT LPR solution and the surveillance video from NUUO ainconsole can be combined together.
Today, our services have greatly evolved within the cityscape to ticketless and cashless. parking machine manufacturer , our new brand name, reflects this expansion of services. Our digital conveniences bridge the needs of both residents and commercial users. Staff/faculty may register more than one vehicle and a maximum of five vehicles on your parking account.
Users are allowed a maximum oftwo vehiclesper virtual permit. Full instructions are listed at How To Maintain Your Parking Account. You can register a rental vehicle or borrowed vehicle with Transit and Parking online, but you will still need to abide by the rule of only bringing one registered vehicle to campus at a time. You will also need to deactivate the vehicle when you are no longer bringing it to campus. The AIMS Mobile LPR Enforcement System, powered by Genetec’s AutoVu hardware is a complete in-vehicle enforcement package.
LPR does not work if the vehicle lacks a front license plate or if the plate is obscured to the point that the OCR analytics cannot interpret the plate’s characters. Do not enter any spaces in the license plate even if there are spaces. If you have any issues adding, updating, or deleting vehicles, please email us at RFID control systems have a check code that verifies the quality of the data they receive from a sensor. However, there will still be situations where the LPR parking system cannot recognize the license plate.
We will develop the ideal solution according to your actual needs and buildings. Please feel free to contact our license plate recognition parking system experts, who will share more knowledge with you and help you save time and money. If the car is a registered vehicle , the boom barrier will automatically open and release. The computer calls out the captured image of the car when it enters the venue, the admission time and so on. The license plate recognition system automatically recognizes the license plate number, and then obtains the vehicle category by searching the database. Mobile LPR camerasembedded in vehicles (cars, scooters, bikes, Segways, etc.) allow efficient monitoring and enforcement on city street parking spaces.
Have you ever been stuck in a long line of vehicles inching their way through an entry gate? The line takes longer as each person has difficulty finding their key card or scanning their fob. With LPR technology, unregistered vehicles are flagged and not allowed access — keeping the community safe and secure.
In the same breath, LPR eliminates the nuisance of ticket swapping. Ticket swapping is hard to manage and can be extremely frustrating and costly for parking management. Additionally, pretending to have lost a ticket, some customers might have paid for a day’s worth at a cheaper rate than the number of hours they would have actually been in the structure. Thanks to LPR, ticket swapping and ticket loss is no longer a possibility.
License Plate Recognition data allows law enforcement personnel to quickly and efficiently identify and issue parking tickets, track suspects, and impound vehicles as needed or required. The cameras can help manage access control to your sites by creating a ‘white-list of authorized vehicles in the software database. Our free and unlicensed viewing software automatically converts license plate scans into a text database that users can quickly search for vehicles of interest. LED displays are installed at the main entrances and throughout the parking facility. They display the quantity of parking spaces available in real time. No worries, when users input their license plate number into this kiosk, they will be shown images of cars with closely matching license plate numbers.