Mobile Patrol Security Guard Jobs

Barcodes placed at prime inspection points are scanned during security patrols by officers to ensure nothing is missed. You’ll receive email updates, showing the time of the mobile patrol and pictures, plus any other security concerns so you can feel reassured that your business is in safe hands. EPA Security mobile patrol officers provide an on-going presence at your site. Patrol officers are utilized to provide a constant reminder to potential thieves and vandals that your site is frequently patrolled and checked. For more information on our mobile patrol services, or to discuss security planning for your property, please call our business development team at 844-GUARDU2.
We work in partnership with public and private sector healthcare providers Nationwide. Security Services have the experience in the field and exceed all expectation to protect and provide peace of mind for patients, staff and visitors. We have already setup Unit to work on various Hospitality sites such as Hotels, Bar, Restaurant, private property and farm.
Night, weekend and holiday patrols provide protection during peak times for crime. Centurion utilizes a state of the art GPS verification system for reporting our patrol unit locations. Our clients can receive electronic notifications with time and date stamp for every patrol conducted.
The main thing to remember about mobile patrols is that their work is tailored to the facility they’re protecting. Not all of these activities are necessary at every building or with every business. That said, all of these activities are well within the scope of a mobile security officer.
The points are very discret and can be placed in areas such as server rooms or cold stores to ensure temperature checks are also being carried out. Our vehicles are supported by our 24/7 Control Centre, ensuring all activities are constantly monitored. Light bar equipped patrol cars make it clear to whoever is watching that the site is protected and guarded around the clock.
If you need private security but do not want a full-time security officer on-site, then mobile security patrol is the crime deterrent solution that you want. Contact 1st Veterans Security LLC to learn more about mobile security patrol services. Does your property only require a mobile patrol or a pool area, clubhouse, parking lot or building secured and checked periodically throughout the night? Our mobile patrol service is an increasingly popular choice for organizations of all types, as regular mobile patrols are effective at deterring crime while remaining easy on your budget. Mobile patrols are conducted by our trained mobile patrol officers who randomly, but regularly, visit and inspect your premises throughout the night, weekends or during non-business hours.
To secure the area, mobile patrol security provides services for both random and scheduled routes. Patrol vehicles are used by professional security guards to keep an eye out for a suspicious activity or illegal behaviour. Typically, mobile patrols can be seen in the parking lots of most large shopping malls or high-end residential estates. Are you looking for some ways to keep your residential property or business firms safe and secure?